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Are you always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends? Do you often question, ‘What is my fashion style?’ If so, you’re not alone! Fashion is an ever-evolving industry that has something for everyone. There are countless clothing styles, from classic and timeless pieces to edgy and daring looks. But what exactly is a fashion style, and how is it different from a trend? A fashion style is a distinct and consistent way of dressing that reflects an individual’s personality and taste. In contrast, a trend is a fleeting phenomenon that occurs each season. InΒ Rolet Online this blog, we’ll dive into the world of fashion styles and explore seven different types of outfit styles that you can try this year. So whether you want to refresh your wardrobe or discover a new fashion aesthetic, read on for inspiration and ideas.

What are fashion styles?

Fashion styles reflect an individual’s personality, interests, and personal taste when it comes to clothing. It’s essential to self-expression and conveying our identities to the world. There are endless fashion styles, from preppy and polished to bohemian and free-spirited.

The history of fashion styles is a long and fascinating one. It dates back to ancient times when clothing symbolised status and power. In medieval Europe, clothing styles were heavily influenced by religion and class. In the Renaissance, fashion began to take on a more individualistic and creative approach. As the world became more globalised and industrialised, fashion styles became more diverse and accessible. In the 20th century, we saw the emergence of new clothing styles, such as punk and grunge, that challenged traditional fashion norms and paved the way for more experimentation and creativity.

Trends vs fashion styles

While fashion styles and trends are often used interchangeably, the two have distinct differences. Trends refer to styles that are popular for a short period and are often driven by celebrity endorsements, social media influencers, or seasonal collections. They tend to be fast-paced and ever-changing, with new trends emerging every season. On the other hand, outfit styles are more enduring and reflective of a person’s taste and personality. They’re more consistent and evolve gradually, often influenced by cultural and societal shifts. For example, the bohemian style has been around for decades, characterised by flowy, patterned dresses and quirky accessories like fringe and tassels.

7 Types of fashion styles to try in 2023

Now that we’ve discussed the history and significance of fashion styles let’s dive into the top eight types of styles for 2023! These fashion styles offer something for everyone, whether you want to keep it simple and classic or experiment with bold prints and unconventional silhouettes.


Minimalism is a fashion style gaining popularity in recent years. It’s all about simplifying your wardrobe and focusing on quality over quantity. Minimalist outfits are classic, timeless, and chic without being too flashy or over-the-top. Incorporating minimalism into your wardrobe can help you save time and money, reduce clutter, and create a streamlined and stylish look.

Fashion Tip

Be bold and repeat outfitsΒ  or wear the same piece in different ways. In fact, embrace capsule wardrobes. Build a versatile collection of essential pieces you can mix and match to create various outfits. These types of clothes should help you make the most of what you have.


Athleisure is a fashion style that combines athletic wear with casual pieces, creating a comfortable and trendy look that you can wear beyond the gym. It’s all about effortlessly blending fashion and function. Athleisure outfits are perfect for busy women who are always on the go but still want to look stylish and put together. Whether running errands, meeting friends for brunch, or heading to the gym, athleisure outfits will keep you looking fashionable and comfortable throughout the day.

Boho chic

Boho chic is a fashion style that embodies a carefree and bohemian spirit. It’s a combination of romantic, vintage, and eclectic elements that come together to create a unique and free-spirited look. The outfit styles include flowy silhouettes, natural fabrics, and earthy colour palettes. Perfect for women who want to express their artistic and adventurous side through different styles of clothing.

Genderless fashion

Genderless fashion is a style that challenges traditional gender norms and embraces clothing that is not confined to a specific gender. It promotes inclusivity, freedom of expression, and the idea that fashion is for everyone, regardless of gender identity. Genderless fashion allows individuals to explore various styles and break free from societal expectations.


Retro-vintage fashion refers to types of clothing styles inspired by past decades, often characterised by nostalgic elements and a sense of timeless charm. It’s a style that celebrates the fashion of bygone eras and allows you to incorporate vintage pieces or recreate the looks with modern interpretations. Retro-vintage fashion is perfect for women who appreciate classic aesthetics and want to add a touch of nostalgia to their wardrobe.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate retro-vintage fashion into your wardrobe:

Bold prints

Embrace the power of prints, have fun mixing and matching, and let your style make a bold statement. Bold prints are a fashion style that embraces eye-catching and vibrant patterns, adding a playful and statement-making element to your outfits. Whether it’s floral, animal, geometric, or abstract prints, incorporating bold prints into your wardrobe allows you to express your personality and make a fashion-forward statement.

Streetwear style

This outfit style draws inspiration from urban culture and street fashion’s casual, edgy aesthetic. It combines comfort, attitude, and a mix of high and low-end pieces to create effortlessly cool and modern looks. Streetwear allows you to express your individuality and embrace a laid-back yet fashion-forward approach to dressing.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate streetwear style into your wardrobe:

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